Hamilton County Wildlife Removal

Even in urban and suburban settings, wildlife can invade your home. At Indiana Pest Control, we are equipped to handle pests like raccoons, squirrels, and opossums.


Raccoons look cute, but these masked bandits can wreak havoc on your property. These pests have adapted to life alongside humans by mastering the art of breaking into garbage cans, attics, crawl spaces, and other areas of the home. Female raccoons will nest in cozy areas of a property, and these pests will raid human and pet food supplies. Raccoons can carry rabies, a dangerous disease that can be transmitted to humans and pets. Bites and scratches can also lead to infection.


Many homeowners enjoy watching squirrels frolic across lawns and jump from tree to tree, but these rodents can cause damage within the home. Garages and attics are very popular nesting areas, and squirrels can easily reach these areas by chewing through the exterior surface. Squirrels are easily detected by signs of gnawing, food waste and droppings, and sounds of activity.


possumOpossums do not receive the same level of adoration as raccoons and squirrels. These nocturnal marsupials have a nasty reputation that is backed by sharp teeth and a very flexible diet. While some opossums will famously "play possum" to appear and smell dead, some male opossums can behave aggressively. The nesting habits of opossums can cause damage to building materials, and these pests will eat human and pet food.

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Raccoons, squirrels, and opossums are successful because they are adaptable. If you are experiencing trouble with these pests, contact us for a free quote.