Wildlife Control

At Indiana Pest Control, we believe the best approach to wildlife control involves a system known as Integrated Pest Management. IPM involves fixing structural and sanitation issues in conjunction with the limited use of pesticides and traditional pest control methods. This approach can act as a powerful deterrent to encroaching wildlife and pests. 


Raccoon standing and looking up“Cute, but dangerous,” a wise man once said regarding raccoons. The masked bandits of the animal kingdom, these furry creatures can cause havoc in and around your home, spread diseases like rabies, and will stop at nothing to get inside your trash cans.


In the quest for a good home, squirrels will build a nest anywhere available to them. This can often mean chewing through eaves and roof materials. These yard rodents can be fun to watch, but they can cause problems as well.


Most birds are protected against trapping and nuisance control. Pigeons, European starlings, and house sparrows, however, are exempt from this protection. Invasive species, these birds carry disease and can cause an array of issues for a homeowner.

Groundhogs and Ground Burrowing Rodents

Yards and gardens, beware! The woodchuck – commonly known as a groundhog – and his ground burrowing relatives are the bane of any homeowner who yearns for a nice lawn. 

Finding Peace from Pests in Lafayette

One of the worst things you can do as a homeowner – no matter how great the temptation – is to attempt wildlife control on your own. Wild animals can be deceptively dangerous and many critters enjoy protection from certain forms of elimination. Trust this job to the professionals. At Indiana Pest Control, we have 20 years of experience with humane, effective wildlife control. Give us a call today and let’s find a solution together.