Termite Control

Indiana Pest Control has been helping residents of North Central Indiana with their pest problems for more than 20 years. Termites are extremely prevalent in the area, and we deal with these insects on a regular basis. Learning more about termites is the best way to avoid the extensive property damage that they can cause. 

Termite Damage

Termites 8In the wild, termites perform the important function of breaking down and recycling plant matter. They do so by digesting cellulose, an organic compound found in the cells of every plant species on Earth. Unfortunately, the wooden structural components found in houses are an attractive source of cellulose for many termite species. If a termite swarm chooses a home as a nesting area, they will feed continuously on any timber that they can find. 

Termites in Indiana

A species called the eastern subterranean termite is responsible for most of the property damage in Indiana. These termites nest in extensive colonies in the soil beneath their food sources. Colonies typically contain several queens, and each queen will lay thousands of eggs per year under favorable conditions. Due to their rapid breeding, the average eastern subterranean termite colony contains hundreds of thousands of soldiers and workers. A colony with 300,000 workers typically consumes and destroys about a cubic foot of wood per year. The resulting damage can weaken the structure of your home and require costly repairs.

Contact Indiana Pest Control

If food is plentiful, termites will most likely remain on your property until they are professionally exterminated. If your home is infested with these pests, call Indiana Pest Control for a free quote. Our technicians can pinpoint the colony and completely remove all termites from your property.