Spider Control

Most spiders can easily enter your home and begin preying upon insects. Small arachnids aren't the most dangerous or harmful type of pest, but they cause a variety of problems. Many people also find them rather frightening. Unlike silverfish and bedbugs, indoor spiders are relatively easy to detect.

spider 5Spiders usually gain access to a home through gaps around the doors or windows. Many of them spin webs in corners and hollow objects. They frequently hide in crevices during the day. Some kinds of arachnids don't build webs; they prefer to hunt for insects on foot. Common signs of this pest include eggs, skins and droppings.

Signs of Spiders in Kokomo

Spiders rarely cause permanent damage to the home. Nonetheless, they often defecate on windows, walls and other surfaces. The fecal matter may consist of small black pellets or a whitish fluid. It creates an unsightly mess that can be difficult to fully remove. Arachnids also discard insect remains and shed their skins from time to time.

The most harmful aspect of a spider infestation is that they can bite humans or pets. Indiana is home to a couple types of venomous spiders, and some people have allergic reactions to their bites. Unlike most household pests, spiders do not seek to prey upon large mammals. However, people may accidentally touch them in drawers, cabinets or beds.

Let the Professionals at Indiana Pest help you

It's not very difficult to catch and release one or two indoor spiders. If they become a persistent problem, professional spider control services may be necessary. We use integrated pest management strategies to rid homes of spiders and the insects they consume. Please contact us today for a free quote. We have been servicing Kokomo and the surrounding area for more than 20 years!