Residential Pest Control

We know how important protecting your home, your biggest investment, but that isn’t easy when you have termites destroying your home, and other pest invaders trying to get in. Since termites can look very similar to ants, our first step is to inspect the bugs to be sure you are experiencing a termite problem. There are a few ways to distinguish a termite from an ant.

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Below are some clear ways to tell them apart: Examine the insects' wings, waist and antenna.

  • Termite’s wings are typically equal in size; ants tend to have wings that are longer in front and shorter in back.
  • Termite’s waists are thicker and less distinct; ants have narrow, pinched waists.
  • Ant’s antennae are elbowed; termite’s antennae are straight.

    Termites leave evidence of their intrusion but sometimes not before it’s too late. Here are a few things to look for when inspecting your home:

  • Termites 2Mud tubes located on walls outside or inside the structure.
  • Hollow sounding wood.
  • Dead termites around windows, doors, heating vents or in bathtubs and sinks.

Live Termites

Worker termites are small, whitish insects that will quickly move away when exposed to light. Swarming termites are also an indication. They can swarm at various times each year according to geographic regions and weather conditions.