Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are found throughout the world. They are a leading cause of diseases like the Zika virus, yellow fever, the West Nile virus and malaria. As the weather warms up, mosquitoes begin breeding in any water they can find. Even a bottle cap's worth of water is enough for mosquitoes to lay eggs and grow larvae. Through mosquito control services, you can protect your home and property from this pest.

What is Mosquito Control

The right mosquito control depends on your property. In general, integrated mosquito management (IMM) services focus on prevention measures like removing breeding grounds. Physical control may involve removing marsh areas and standing water. You can help this process by pouring out buckets of water and encouraging standing water to drain away.

Eco-friendly products can help kill adult mosquitoes and mosquito larvae. Biological control options like mosquito fish, dragonflies, birds, frogs and bats can also help control a large population of mosquitoes. If you need to use pesticides, you can choose an adulticide to target adult mosquitoes or a larvicide to target larvae. Vegetation management, mechanical barriers, mosquito traps and space sprays can also help you eliminate your mosquito problem.

The Dangers of Mosquitoes for Homes and Businesses

Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading a variety of bloodborne diseases. Around the world, this insect is responsible for hundreds of millions of cases of dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever and the Zika virus. Millions of people die from these illnesses each year, and around half of the world's population is at risk of developing mosquito-borne illnesses.

Even if the mosquito is not infected with a dangerous disease, it can still be annoying and potentially hazardous for your health. If you scratch a mosquito bite, it can become infected. Whether you have mosquitoes at home or at your office, these pests can make life uncomfortable. As long as you have a mosquito problem, your customers will not want to come to your business unless they absolutely have to.

The Advantages of Mosquito Control

With mosquito control, you can control a mosquito infestation and prevent potential illnesses. Indiana Pest Control offers eco-friendly options, so you can enjoy the safest, most effective solutions available. Through our range of products, you can find the options you need to end your mosquito infestation and prevent future infestations.

Preventing Future Outbreaks

Our team can also help you prevent mosquito problems in the future. If mosquitoes are unable to breed near your home, they cannot sustain their population. You can remove breeding grounds by throwing away old tires, tin cans, buckets and flowerpots. If any item is allowed to hold water for more than two days, it can become a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes need water to breed, so make sure your rain gutters are functioning properly. Get rid of any puddles around your home. In addition, you should drain birdbaths at least once a week. You should also check plastic tarps to see if they have any standing water.

If you are worried about mosquitoes around your home, we can help. Indiana Pest Control has more than 25 years of experience at removing mosquitoes and other pest problems. To find out how we can help and get a free quote on our services, call us today.