Integrated Pest Management

Indiana is best known for the Hoosiers, traditional Amish baked goods, and the Indianapolis 500. The state’s spacious prairies highlight its historic place within the nation’s “corn belt.” It’s these open fields combined with byproducts of urban living that make Indiana a hidden hot-spot for pests that make life miserable for home and business owners.

At Indiana Pest Control, we’re your one-stop shop for safe, effective pest control. Here are some of the state’s most common pests and the advantages of using our integrated pest management solutions.


Nothing says filthy like cockroaches. Since these pests eat garbage and are known to live in sewer systems, public health experts consider them to be a big threat to human health. Besides carrying pathogens that cause diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera, and dysentery, cockroach droppings produce allergic reactions and asthma in sensitive people. These insects can also do structural damage to a property, and they are extremely difficult to eliminate once they have a firm footing in your home or business.

At Indiana Pest Control, we stop roaches before they completely take over residential and commercial properties. Our trained technicians use a combination of physical and chemical pest management protocols to identify the source of the problem, eliminate the roaches, and prevent them from returning.


Every year, termites cause thousands of dollars of damage to homes and commercial buildings across Indiana. The problem is that termites are small insects and do their damage quietly behind walls and other wood structures. It’s common knowledge in our industry that the average termite colony can eat one foot of a 2X4 board within six months.

We use the latest environmentally friendly pest management solutions to identify termite colonies and eliminate them from your property. The award-winning Sentricon System allows us to use bait stations to infiltrate termite colonies and destroy them with minimal use of chemicals.

Bed Bugs

Indiana is a major hub for both business and leisure travelers. While this is undoubtedly good for our state’s economy, there is a downside. The spread of bed bugs to hotels, restaurants, public transit systems, and homes in Indiana is a problem. Bed bugs are small parasitic bugs that usually feed on human and animal blood at night. They cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. A bed bug infestation is hard to remove, and the insects are known to adapt to chemical pest control solutions.

At Indiana Pest Control, we use outside-the-box solutions that remove bed bugs without exposing people and pets to harmful chemicals. Our heat remediation services kill bed bugs at all stages of their lifecycle.

Other Pest Management Services

Since Indiana residents experience all four seasons, many pests only appear as a problem to home and business owners when the weather warms up or gets colder. For instance, you may see ants foraging for food around your property in the summer or have a problem with wildlife entering your home during winter to find warmth, food, and water.

Our integrated pest management services effectively control and remove these pests.


When it comes to ridding your home or business of Indiana’s most annoying pests, we have you covered with our integrated pest management services. We service properties in cities all over the state from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis and beyond. Give us a call to begin worry-free living today.