Commercial Pest Control Technology

Commercial Building OutsideIndiana Pest Control puts the latest in technology in the hands of its field service technicians, whether it's the day's schedule, maintenance histories, instructions, or detailed device information.

An example of how easy it really is: A handheld computer's scanner and RFID tag reader verify that the correct bar codes are being worked on, the right equipment are being used, records when the tasks are completed, and updates the master records while a portable printer is documenting the work. If payments are received, they’re posted the same day to your account. Intermec's mobile computers provide field-service representatives access to product information and customer data, record service activities, issue receipts and track inventory. Repair-service inefficiencies are eliminated by real-time dispatch communications, to our technicians.

Pest Control Technology

With our advanced communication system, our technicians have more than 60 years’ experience at their fingertips. Indiana Pest Control is one of the first companies to put barcode technology into schools, hospitals and food-processing industry. We work hand in hand with the company that is a leader in barcode technology manufacturing. All services are computer tracked and monitored.

Our owner started this business by going door to door to commercial buildings to get his name out. Soon after, he expanded into the residential and industrial fields. Currently, we service all of Indiana.