Cockroach Control in Carmel

American Roach 4Roaches are hardy creatures that are common household pests in most regions of the United States. Once established in a residence, they can quickly spread from room to room. The end result is likely to be a very heavy infestation that can be enormously difficult to get rid of. At Indiana Pest Control, we are dedicated to eliminating roach populations before they can grow worse. Through both physical and chemical treatment techniques, roach populations can be eradicated before any lasting damage is done to the foundation.

Roach Behavior

Roaches tend to gather in locations where food is readily available. Kitchens, bathrooms and food storage areas may all be vulnerable. German roaches are especially common in and around sinks and toilets. Most invasive roach species are dark brown or black and are typically only active at night. Once a particular room has been compromised, the roaches may begin to breed at alarming rates.

Structural Damage

Roaches can also cause significant structural damage. In the worst infestations, the critters can ruin wiring, wood, drywall and other foundational materials. Many roach populations, in fact, may eventually become ensconced underneath floorboards and behind furniture pieces. If electronic structures are compromised, the damage can run into the thousands of dollars.

Dirt and Grime

Roaches also leave behind droppings and empty egg capsules, which can attract dust and dirt. Men and women who are sensitive to allergies might find themselves especially troubled by roach impurities. The insects also tend to leave droppings on kitchen counters and other areas that are used for food preparation. Such uncleanliness can make people sick. Individuals who need help with roaches can contact Indiana Pest Control for a free quote and further assistance.