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Can rats damage your home?

Rat infestations can cause extensive damage to the structure of your home. Preventing a rat infestation can save you thousands of dollars on expensive repairs. Although there is no way to calculate the amount of the damage these pests can cause, every home is an investment that should be protected from the damage caused by various species of rats and mice. Rats are instinctive pests, and they can avoid common traps and bait. They also tend to avoid places that smell like human beings, so they can be difficult to spot. Rats are also known for their breeding habits. They can remain in the walls or other dark places for extended periods of time without being detected.

How Rats Enter the Home

Rat a tat tatThese pests are capable of entering the building through various holes and apertures. They might enter the home through the attic, basement or openings near drain pipes. They can smell exposed food over great distances, and they are often attracted to the interior of the home when they need to find water. Understanding their behavior can help you to prevent a pest infestation, but there are many ways for rats to remain undetected in your home. If you suspect a rat infestation, you might need to contact a professional for assistance. This is necessary if you see rat droppings or other signs of an infestation. 

In addition to the obvious signs of a rat colony, you might need to correctly identify the species of rat in order to deal with them more effectively. 

Examples of the different species of rats include: 

  • Cotton rats
  • Deer mice
  • Norway rats
  • Roof rats
  • House mice

Damage to the Home

Rats will breed and build entire colonies inside of attics, crawlspaces, basements and hollow areas of the walls. They will contaminate any exposed food supplies, and they can also chew up the wiring or exposed areas of your insulation. They have sharp incisors that allow them to chew and gnaw into various types of materials that are commonly found in the home. In addition to the structural damage these pests can cause, many rats carry diseases. The financial burden caused by the spread of diseases is also compounded by the psychological distress it can cause. Diseases can be transmitted through the feces, saliva and urine of the rats. Any contact with these byproducts can cause a human to become sick. 

Indiana Pest Control 

Our quality professionals are always available to answer your questions about rat infestations in this area. Pest control services can help you protect the investment in your property. If you are concerned about the safety and health of your family, contact one of our service professionals for an estimate. Even small infestations can quickly grow into a major problem because rats can breed so rapidly. Our service team has experience using the latest equipment and technology for rat detection and elimination. Protect your property by becoming informed about your options. Call us at the earliest sign of a rat infestation for the best results.

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