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3 Interesting Facts About Ants

Ants, one of the most numerous insects on the planet, ruin the enjoyment of outdoor living spaces and invade buildings. Their complex, cooperative society has enabled them to survive and thrive in a wide range of environmental conditions. Once indoors, ants can establish a colony in seldom-disturbed locations, such as underneath large appliances, behind cabinets or inside walls. Keep reading for some interesting facts about ants and why it is so difficult to eradicate their colonies.

Ants Are Located Almost Everywhere on EarthAnt

There are over 12,000 ant species in the world. Their colonies have been found on every continent except Antarctica. While a few locations like Greenland do not have indigenous species, ants brought to these areas have adapted to the environment. As a result, your property has the potential to experience an ant infestation no matter where you live. When foraging, ants leave a pheromone trail for others to locate sources of food and water. They can enter your house through tiny openings in screens and vents as well as cracks around doors, windows and your foundation. Because ants are everywhere, it is important that you protect your home with preventative pest control measures.

Ants Are Social Animals

These insects live in large colonies. The queen can live a number of years and produce millions of offspring. Once established, an infestation can grow quickly. While some ants contaminate food with their bodily waste and a variety of pathogens, others, like the carpenter ant, destroy wood and other building materials. The sting of a red fire ant can be painful, and it can also cause anaphylaxis shock. Without proper pest control treatments, the colony will continue to grow and may cause a severe infestation that increases the risks for your property, family members and guests.

Ants Have Specialized Roles

There are different types of ants in a colony. Male ants, called drones, mate with the queen who lays eggs. These two types of ants do not leave the nest. Soldier and worker ants defend the colony and seek out sources of food. These female ants are typically the only ones that you see. The colony will survive as long as there is food and the queen stays alive. Once the queen dies, the colony survives for only a short time afterward because the other ants do not reproduce. Killing the ants that you see is not sufficient. Pest control measures must kill the queen in order to be effective.

Ant Control Specialists

Do not let ants set up their colony in your home or yard. Contact Indiana Pest Control for more information or a free, no-obligation estimate. Our knowledgeable technicians use the latest technology to eliminate ants and other pests. We can determine the best solution for your particular circumstances and give you peace of mind that your property and loved ones will be safe.

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