Indiana Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bedbugs are everywhere and the problem is reaching epidemic proportions. They are thriving in apartment complexes, dorms, hotels, hospitals, moving vans, churches, cruise ships, and many other places. Not only are they disgusting and annoying; their bites can be dangerous for those with allergies. If you believe you have a bedbug infestation, you cannot afford to wait another minute before you call Indiana Pest Control.

Bedbug 2 556Bedbugs are small, oval-bodied insects about ¼ to 3/8 of an inch long. They prefer to live in dark places like mattress seams, window and door casings, behind base boards and in other crevices. They feed at night.

Your first instinct might be to vanquish these loathsome creatures with the most lethal dose of chemicals you can find. Sadly, bedbugs are becoming increasingly resistant to even our most poisonous sprays and powders. With each passing day, they are making their way into more homes and becoming harder to remove.

Fortunately, human ingenuity has risen to the task of killing these pests. Scientists have discovered that heat can be an effective way to eradicate them and their eggs from homes and other environments. It has been found that bedbugs, nymphs and eggs cannot live in sustained temperatures over 120 degrees. The RxHeat System uses a process that forces heat into even the smallest crevices, giving the pests no way to escape the killing heat. Best of all, only one treatment is usually needed and it is done using no toxic chemicals.

Heat Remediation Treatment for Removal of Bed Bugs

The Process

Indiana Pest Control’s professional bed bug heat treatment specialists will create heat that reaches the kill zone of 120°F or higher
The intense heat is then circulated throughout the infested area with variable speed fans
Constant monitoring with digital sensors ensures all pests are killed, no matter where they are hiding, and without damaging the property or its contents

The Answer

Heat treatments have been an effective means of eradicating pests since the 1930s. They provide a safe and effective alternative to chemical treatments for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. When conducted properly, heat treatments effectively control bed bugs, stored pantry pests, and others!


  •     A highly effective, proven non toxic treatment option
  •     Most treatments are complete in one day
  •     Structures can be inhabited immediately
  •     Can be done without the use of chemicals
  •     Effectively treats entire structure and its contents
  •     Heat kills all life stages from eggs to adults
  •     Heat treatments are safe, effective , and environmentally minded

Indiana Pest Control, Inc. provides heat remediation treatments to many types of structures, including:

  •     Private Residences
  •    bed bug with rice and eggs Apartments Complexes & Condos
  •     Hotels & Other Commercial Lodgings
  •     University & College Dormitories
  •     Restaurants
  •     Health Care Facilities
  •     Truck Trailers
  •     Schools
  •     Jails & Prisons

Contact Indiana Pest

Here at Indiana Pest, our professional exterminators are adept at employing the RxHeat System. Using this effective, chemical-free solution, we can safely and thoroughly kill these disgusting pests and free you from them for good. Call us today for a free RxHeat system quote.