Bat & Bird Control

Bats and Birds in your Home 

BatBats are the only mammals that can fly for long periods of time. Most bats are nocturnal, and they typically come out at night to forage for insects. During the day, they like to rest in hollow trees, logs or caves. While bats are fascinating creatures and are useful at controlling insects, they can be pests if they get inside your home or outdoor buildings. The big brown bat and little brown bat are two of the most common bats found in Indiana buildings. The creatures can enter your home through attic vents, open chimneys or openings near your roof.

Birds are also useful for controlling the insect population, but they can also become pests if they begin nesting around your home. In Indiana, it’s common to find pigeons, crows, sparrows and starlings building their nests in your attic or under the eaves of your roof. In addition, woodpeckers cause damage by pecking your home’s walls or siding.

Problems with Birds and Bats in Carmel

Both bats and birds can transmit a variety of diseases through their droppings, and although rare, a rabid bat is especially dangerous. In addition to causing health problems, a bat and bird infestation can also be extremely irritating and very messy.

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